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Online Master of Science in Construction Management

Courses & Degree Requirements

The online Master of Science in Construction Management degree requires the completion of 14 courses. Each course is worth 3 credits, so a total of 42 credits are required to complete the program.

Three to four courses are offered each quarter, and students can enroll in as many courses as they like. Courses may be taken in any sequence over the course of the degree program.

Course Offerings

Autumn Quarter

CESI 588: Energy Infrastructure & the Environment

CM 520: Construction Procurement Systems

CM 525: Cost Analysis & Management

Winter Quarter

CESI 508: Accounting & Finance for Construction

CM 500: Design & Construction Law

CM 588: Construction Operations & Productivity

Spring Quarter

CESI 552: Environmental Regulations

CESI 592: Statistical Fundamentals for Construction & Materials Applications

CESI 595: Construction Materials

CM 580: Temporary Structures

Summer Quarter

CESI 594: Computer-Aided Construction

CM 582: Heavy Construction Estimating

CM 586: Utility System Construction

CESI 596: Pavement Construction

Quarterly course offerings may be adjusted due to curriculum changes or other factors. Whenever possible, one quarter’s notice will be given for any upcoming changes.