Online Learning

The Master of Science in Construction Management program is offered completely online, so you can earn your degree while continuing to work. Courses are taught by faculty from the UW departments of Construction Management and Civil & Environmental Engineering, as well as by professionals in the heavy construction field.

How Online Courses Work

In some ways, online courses are similar to classroom courses, but with the flexibility to do your coursework when and where you want. You will read online materials, follow weekly lessons, complete textbook reading assignments, and electronically submit assignments. You will communicate regularly with instructors and other students via online discussion boards and email. And, as in a classroom course, you and your classmates will start each course at the beginning of a quarter and be expected to complete it by quarter's end.

Technology Requirements

The Master of Science in Construction Management online program requires that students meet the following technology requirements:

  • A computer less than five years old. A computer this new should have sufficient memory and an operating system and monitor resolution appropriate for this program.
  • Broadband or cable Internet access
  • recent version of a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari
  • Word processing and spreadsheet packages (e.g., Microsoft Word and Excel)


We are happy to answer your questions and provide more information about the Master of Science in Construction Management online program.